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[欧美剧] 超人前传 第二季 [REMUX无损版] Smallville Season 2 2002 1080p BluRaycd REMUX AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-NOGRP 150.87GB








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mvods 发表于 2022-8-15 00:42:37 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
5 Y# y8 Y: L# ?4 o9 ~2 t
2 k, ^( v# v/ o
◎译  名 超人前传 第二季
9 N$ e& O, Z+ z: O2 c5 u- E: y◎片  名 Smallville Season 2 ! \5 w- k# B2 `' t' N& c9 ?8 X
◎年  代 2002
# a, Y) T, g$ @, C$ i0 {◎产  地 美国
7 l# f- ]( \* O7 d3 W3 B9 r◎类  别 剧情/科幻/冒险' t% i: G$ h2 j& T6 ?
◎语  言 英语) M+ z4 n$ Z1 l" R' |% k* A+ d5 q
◎上映日期 2002-09-24(美国)3 n( n- Z) i6 v& E' ?/ g' u/ z
◎IMDb评分  7.5/10 from 126,494 users
$ \/ L7 C& a1 s! F0 t◎IMDb链接 k% A; l: t( I% s
◎豆瓣评分 7.9/10 from 1,364 users
# K  Q! L, i0 t9 }◎豆瓣链接 A3 y9 G7 o# a. v6 d5 E; x, Z
◎文件格式 x264 + DTS0 o0 z$ O, A2 ?9 A' G1 Z- v
◎视频尺寸 1920 x 1080
  Y2 p: [8 k5 j8 Z- a$ @" ]/ X◎文件大小 1DVD 150.87 GiB+ U$ L  ?3 l) U0 _, q" B9 R
◎集  数 23
5 H( j) _+ o2 t5 r5 }% ?◎片  长 42分钟
* B6 l7 _2 b! u◎导  演 艾尔弗雷德·高福 Alfred Gough, X6 A3 |' `- N6 K
       克雷格·齐斯克 Craig Zisk
: Z& B5 g5 k2 m# \; y0 y, m◎主  演 汤姆·威灵 Tom Welling
# \4 B3 [. h0 s1 L' V       克斯汀·克鲁克 Kristin Kreuk* X( o) c  s3 T- n. r$ X: Z" P
       托马斯·J.怀特 Thomas J. Wright
6 y' i8 ~4 q! j  u       丽兹·卡潘 Lizzy Caplan+ |' H/ {* g+ n; @" }" s& o
       伊万杰琳·莉莉 Evangeline Lilly
! [- l! D9 h1 A6 r       安妮特·奥图 Annette O'Toole
* C+ r7 D8 U' d8 x& \4 r; G2 ~: `       克里斯托弗·里夫 Christopher Reeve' T* g6 {9 k& Y6 H3 U

0 K& R3 W5 T. B' m' \% X◎简  介   
3 a% r: m" S% R8 n& W
& n: M/ f( M. U# O. _& s  从这一季开始更换了片尾曲,体现出超人的进一步成长,要处理更困难的局面,对付更黑暗的敌人。* H" l- y. p- ~8 d
! j0 p1 ~+ B: D+ d
  The breakout hit "Smallville" returns for a second season. Young Clark Kent deals with all the challenges, hopes and desires of any other teenager ... while discovering and learning how to master his burgeoning superpowers. Clark's life intertwines with those of Lana Lang, for whom he yearns; his friend Lex Luthor, who is destined to become his greatest nemesis; and the town itself, which is haunted by the supernatural effects of meteor fragments.
( z* N  C' O9 O6 v+ k! e7 n/ Z( F/ K7 g
Smallville.S02.1080p.BluRayCD.REMUX.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-NOGRP 150.87 GB
Smallville: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray, Video Quality   " @1 S; h1 o8 [6 W) l1 m- b5 Y0 {1 M

4 W3 _, |/ s# t; @& M& x/ ]3 Q/ N$ z5 x
Although shot on 35mm film like Smallville's first year, Season 2 is the first in which the series was finished in HD so naturally a leap in quality can be seen on Warner Bros.' new 1080p transfer. Many of the first season's strengths are still present: warm colors and clean saturation, solid black levels, and well-framed compositions that sit comfortably between the small screen and cinematic ambitions. But it's rendered much more crisply this time around, with greater depth and more pronounced film grain that makes many of its memorable shots stand out nicely. The only challenge that had yet to be overcome was how live-action footage blended with slowly-improving visual effects: the differences can be stark, yet even during its wonkiest moments there's a certain charm here that makes a few stray drawbacks easier to overlook. These episodes get plenty of room to breathe, maintaining a decently high bit rate with no egregious drawbacks aside from source material limitations. As always, the included screenshots offer a more tangible consensus of this set's visual strengths and weaknesses, with the caveat that most everything looks better in motion.2 f: E' T+ r1 P& P" S

: K& f9 W5 F" a  {+ ]Smallville: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray, Audio Quality   2 D5 O% d) M. g0 g+ u% Y* z, ]
$ q$ l$ J2 I  j
( L7 n6 `0 w" w/ E6 j/ M; L
Much like the first year, Season 2 enjoys a hefty sonic upgrade over its DVD counterpart by launching from a lossy Dolby Digital 2.0 mix to a full DTS- HD 5.1 Master Audio track. (In typical Warner Bros. fashion, lossless 2.0 is not an option, so I've again docked it a half-point.) Either way, I doubt fans will mind the change: I was impressed with the DVD's 2.0 mix back in the day and this presentation expands upon it in a tasteful but robust manner, offering a few nicely-prioritized discrete effects and channel pans alongside the front-loaded dialogue and era-specific music cuts. Superpowers, special effects, and the like are often more immersive than the real-world material while still blending in nicely within the series' particular sonic boundaries. Much like its visuals, Smallville's audio gets a little more ambitious as the series progresses, so consider this a pretty great follow-up to the first season in all key areas.Optional subtitles, including English (SDH), are included during all episodes and applicable bonus features./ R  z0 M- ]; y' b) Z
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