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[科幻恐怖] 地窖野兽/年轻人,你要死了吗 The Beast in the Cellar 1971 720p BluRaycd x264-FREEMAN 3.49GB








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mvods 发表于 2023-2-4 07:41:03 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
$ O8 G% T2 ~2 I9 X. f, F7 z3 B
% J# f4 I  C) ]& Q8 T/ [
◎译  名 地窖野兽/年轻人,你要死了吗?/年轻人,我想你快死了3 t" x  r" z9 z# Y$ C
◎片  名 The Beast in the Cellar / Are You Dying, Young Man? / Young Man, I Think You're Dying
9 c) A$ v( @% `% [◎年  代 19708 P  H+ T, N: p
◎产  地 英国* g: [+ j# U7 w8 H$ e
◎类  别 恐怖/惊悚
0 A4 C9 B' g0 c: Y" h. ?% x7 f◎语  言 英语' q3 L2 y; S. J+ z+ r0 q5 Y
◎上映日期 1971-04-14(英国)/1971-04-16(美国)
! y: z1 G1 R% s0 Q7 a- X% k◎IMDb评分  4.9/10 from 989 users
& }& Q# i) t% j% T◎IMDb链接
0 L& h- c) I2 M5 R3 X. M0 C5 w( @  k◎豆瓣评分 0/10 from 0 users3 J5 s  K. ^- |8 a; q8 q
; a( A2 u! y- t6 R% p5 b◎片  长 1 h 41 min
0 D' D/ [4 q, G' f- f: k6 U" ?◎导  演 James Kelley4 T/ i3 z: q1 k0 k9 e
◎编  剧 James Kelley* N8 h/ Q' f0 d2 i/ Z
◎演  员 贝里尔·瑞德 Beryl Reid, Q. c2 \- o. ?) O
       弗劳拉·罗博森 Flora Robson
8 Z* t$ Y( m8 Q8 X: _       John Hamill0 V' n2 a) F) I* E6 s' e
       Tessa Wyatt3 M" @, X4 ?" ], I  _
       弗农·多布切夫 Vernon Dobtcheff
" z3 K! Y7 O& Y1 k       Roberta Tovey2 X, j. w3 q+ x
: o! X! _* S. H
◎简  介   
0 q! I. e, u9 D- p; z
' U. J- X4 z! M; e5 i* A  Soldiers in a rural English town are being brutally murdered by an unknown creature. Two sisters living nearby realize they might understand what's happening.$ g4 R8 C! H" e/ m. l5 g! X

3 M9 M- b; i* z2 J* ]  ^  《地窖野兽》的背景设定在70年代初的英国兰开夏郡,两个年长的姐妹埃莉(贝丽尔·里德饰)和乔伊斯·巴兰廷(弗洛拉·罗布森饰)一起住在他们位于农村小镇利特尔迈德外的大房子里。一天,埃莉冲回家告诉她的妹妹,附近一个军营的一名士兵被残忍地杀害了。起初他们都想知道凶手是谁,直到埃莉走进他们的地窖,他们把他们的兄弟史蒂文(达菲德·哈沃德饰)关在那里30多年,发现他挖了一条隧道逃跑了,显然是两个人在一起,他们认为史蒂文应该对这起谋杀案负责。他们在自己的棚子里发现了另一名死去的士兵,这也与他们的想法有关。不管怎么说,野兽已经逃之夭夭,横冲直撞,没有人是安全的……
6 R4 `8 m$ @' N* B$ K8 B, h& d! E' o- Z- E
  The Beast in the Cellar is set in Lancashire in England during the early 70's where two elderly sisters name Ellie (Beryl Reid) & Joyce Ballantyne (Flora Robson) live together in their large house just outside the small rural town of Littlemead, one day Ellie rushes home to tell her sister that a soldier from a nearby Army camp has been brutally murdered. At first they both wonder who the killer could be until Ellie goes down into their cellar where they have kept their brother Steven (Dafydd Havard) bricked up for the past 30 odd years & discovers that he has dug a tunnel & escaped, obviously putting two & two together they feel Steven was responsible or the murder. The fact they find another dead soldier in their shed also has something to do with their thinking. Anyway, the beast is loose, on a murderous rampage & no-one is safe...6 S0 W1 L5 F3 j6 Q; F 3.49 GB0 Z) p/ q5 q" f
% b6 A$ ~- z8 O$ k( \8 B
RELEASE DATE.....: 02-02-2023
% {/ m) t2 V, t- b5 LSiZE.............: 3,49 GiB
7 f0 |& K7 m3 k/ B, ^Video............: 1280x720 - 5250Kbps (crf18); o/ X# A; f8 g4 W8 g4 L: H
SOURCE...........: 22,2 Mbps( Y9 ?' g7 S6 C
AUDiO1...........: English FLAC 2.0 - 359 kbps
& @. C. `5 I" X9 r% AAUDiO2...........: -
, t) `- v" Z/ \4 f: WSUBS.............: -
1 p: V6 I6 G4 C7 f- K) [
  M* B" ]. |+ K1 h' F
+ A5 g) P8 l4 ^( W  E: G1 ?- G
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ccfys888 发表于 2023-2-4 12:09:19 | 显示全部楼层
- {7 B* a$ a% z" i7 UBlu-ray Film Forum: I will always support you!0 h* y6 r" `$ O4 K# P



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