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[蓝光原盘] 闪回/弗雷德里克·菲茨尔的教育 [蓝光原盘] The Education of Fredrick Fitzell 2020 1080p BluRaycd AVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-iNTEGRUM 22.96GB








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黄金嫖客 发表于 前天 21:50 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
After a chance encounter with a man forgotten from his youth, Fred literally and metaphorically journeys into his past.
: f( j4 g( P, u/ _- h% v' _, M9 C0 m: [# x
$ j6 v* @$ |) e1 x8 _0 v" v
0 u, x; a: G! y5 F! e  z
◎译  名 闪回/弗雷德里克·菲茨尔的教育
( u: @: \. b, f◎片  名 Flashback / The Education of Fredrick Fitzell& c" d, X' z" V) m" X$ D
◎年  代 2020
0 s) ~, n2 B  @; Z4 p' \) y◎产  地 加拿大
$ H6 q/ x# r/ K% j: P◎类  别 剧情/惊悚
* z" M3 p5 P1 B7 v3 l◎语  言 英语0 S6 s7 M! ^" J6 R
◎上映日期 2020-10-08(锡切斯线上电影节)/2021-06-04(美国)
4 w% C/ Q9 t! I/ J' U- h4 M◎IMDb评分  6.0/10 from 586 users( g% P& r: j6 D0 g0 R# U
◎IMDb链接" M0 Q+ x  x& w" e6 v1 l, U
◎豆瓣评分 5.2/10 from 220 users
$ h* r& v5 R( M◎豆瓣链接 R& _" A5 @: o, c1 O2 D
◎文件格式 x264 + DTS* o) z5 F  m7 i4 j2 A
◎视频尺寸 1920 x 1080
9 |  P% \! t6 ^5 w% O◎文件大小 1DVD 22.96 GiB
2 g2 z* H1 b2 q# r, [◎片  长 1:37:34.890 ( ~& k$ Z$ k$ Z4 }  d
◎导  演 克里斯托弗·麦克布莱德 Christopher MacBride
( ^8 e6 E* f$ J5 |◎编  剧 克里斯托弗·麦克布莱德 Christopher MacBride
6 [* S& s  Y: s$ c) |' F◎主  演 迪伦·奥布莱恩 Dylan O'Brien
- s4 {2 d1 U# E# ?. {9 m" v       麦卡·梦露 Maika Monroe
: _0 I  ?( X; y% O       汉娜·格罗斯 Hannah Gross' n9 n8 V+ T9 N% r8 e
       凯尔·吉克瑞斯特 Keir Gilchrist0 i3 G: e6 C: z  N2 k) J+ h
       阿曼达·布鲁盖尔 Amanda Brugel
( T0 C8 q  }  z; t6 Q7 n       艾莫里·科恩 Emory Cohen
2 {: i5 a9 E9 o  P- u6 V: n       亚伦·普尔 Aaron Poole; P5 P, q9 O( d+ Z/ l
       乔什·克鲁达斯 Josh Cruddas
8 t* P6 u8 _* Z+ l3 H7 [       茜玛·费舍尔 Sima Fisher: l) L- \3 S" F+ B4 `3 H
       伊恩·马休斯 Ian Matthews' ^4 t& a: V9 h. W3 V
       唐纳德·布尔达 Donald Burda
0 g  x/ X: t1 Y8 K% L$ p+ \3 V       兰登·诺里斯 Landon Norris
: t" c0 J4 {0 [$ T1 n       赫舍尔·布拉特 Hershel Blatt# b  z' B( E- T
2 g) v9 @/ u6 M. v- O/ Q4 M& z3 ^8 f
◎标  签 惊悚 | 悬疑 | 迪伦·奥布莱恩 | 加拿大 | 电影 | 美国电影 | 美国 | 2020  }1 {% _9 d$ @# E( O

2 h6 y8 u; @& W; K& L8 q# ^3 D◎简  介     ! S* M! ~& M: u/ C" D% i
  r/ |2 d6 u3 X* l3 q0 V7 U  {
9 M* B; `- J' O  `9 P2 m! d$ A5 _2 J. L7 y1 a
  After a chance encounter with a man forgotten from his youth, Fred literally and metaphorically journeys into his past.
3 F, {' l4 L5 n! L  E
; \( j. _  w  b/ y- @
  1. DISC INFO:$ i( J# {% Z/ w& n7 H

  2. $ T' z' x$ l. V9 K  H( ]1 I, s
  3. Disc Title:     The.Education.of.Fredrick.Fitzell.2020.1080p.BluRayCD.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-iNTEGRUM' ^4 m" ~3 {2 t5 C- t
  4. Disc Size:      24,648,574,254 bytes! A) u% x( Z( v. x3 o9 W& d
  5. Protection:     AACS6 }# g) T6 w/ E/ ~& e- A
  6. Extras:         BD-Java
    / q( H: d+ @" \; ?9 G6 {
  7. BDInfo: (compatible layout created by DVDFab ^8 f- N( v" W, P4 q% o
  8. . a& l: N7 h& L3 H. B+ k' s# T
    0 K' p% V8 p6 T# W+ b( E) D
  10. # [0 B9 k1 {+ D& V; _
  11. Name:                   00800.MPLS  
    7 ?! f1 h4 u) ^, K
  12. Length:                 1:37:34.890 ( b9 t$ m3 |  ^3 }* ], h. W( z- t
  13. Size:                   23,250,284,544 bytes& ?7 [2 s( i1 n. u% S# U
  14. Total Bitrate:          31.77 Mbps
    " k) a$ Z% S7 F
  15. . G! \3 c/ Q8 Q3 A9 F! [
  16. Video:
    2 \! I& M) X* n3 k, ?4 }
  17. . L1 @& h. ^8 U$ i' H
  18. Codec                   Bitrate             Description   
    , r3 x1 S9 T0 I, N: H1 V* R/ N- z
  19. -----                   -------             -----------   
    8 l( Y! E  ]  ]3 P
  20. MPEG-4 AVC Video        26546 kbps          1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / High Profile 4.1
    2 \3 T. j  g' _( e0 I
  21.   R+ M3 i+ a6 p, X% l& u
  22. AUDIO:% l$ P* N. S- R
  23. ! i, L3 I. \: {' B, W' |! O
  24. Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description   
    / ^, f; o4 k  }4 w1 g
  25. -----                           --------        -------         -----------   
    " R' z+ k/ K# V+ u) S3 r# ^8 h
  26. DTS-HD Master Audio             English         3330 kbps       5.1 / 48 kHz / 3330 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
    ; P  {0 H3 U4 S0 g/ L9 P2 \
  27. Dolby Digital Audio             English         192 kbps        2.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps, W* Y' z: y  a4 N; N

  28. & V2 p5 s) E2 T: q
  29. SUBTITLES:3 ?+ v5 A& `" f7 T. T, Q

  30. 7 R5 f" K! P1 n" f4 U2 [+ d$ g  \# |
  31. Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description    + z7 s8 c0 w- i8 p2 p( q3 o- f; e
  32. -----                           --------        -------         -----------    & q& @6 p! ?9 b; J# c
  33. Presentation Graphics           English         21.196 kbps                    7 F# S' f3 e# x1 j3 p* u5 I5 R
  34. Presentation Graphics           Spanish         15.989 kbps                    
      `. d( d( ?& u
  35. Presentation Graphics           English         0.044 kbps  
Flashback Blu-ray, Video Quality   
+ }+ l' L5 ~! l% z9 o; G3 q. V& U7 P, S' h; w& b8 q- }

1 _& j! P0 t# X5 SFlashback is presented on Blu-ray courtesy of Lionsgate Films with an AVC encoded 1080p transfer in 2.38:1. In his commentary, MacBride gets into the vagaries of the pandemic and how that wreaked havoc with the release of the film, and perhaps for that reason, I haven't been able to find much if any technical data on the shoot online (the IMDb offers virtually nothing). One way or the other, this is an appealing looking transfer, at least if it's understood that MacBride and cinematographer Brendan Steacy intentionally opt for a "drugged out" ambience at several key moments. As can probably be gleaned from a cursory glance at many of the screenshots I've uploaded to accompany this review, a lot of the film is graded very heavily toward either blue or yellow, and in both of those choices when lighting is dim (which it frequently is), fine detail levels can ebb slightly but noticeably. In relatively normal, ungraded, moments, detail levels are often excellent (see screenshot 19). There is definitely a hazy, even murky, quality to much of the imagery, but that tends to support the unraveling aspect that Freddie is experiencing. Several interstitial "light shows" occur, especially as the film careens toward two timelines colliding with each other.
# x/ X! C" g. t- L0 k; ?8 b! g4 A9 a  V, N
Flashback Blu-ray, Audio Quality   5 e6 _# Q- B! k

$ v( K# O3 m7 k% f; y6 q$ i
* Z& d; A, J; A/ F* |Flashback features an often nicely immersive DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 track. This is a film which wisely considered its sound design to be as important as its visual presentation, and there's an appropriately hallucinatory quality to things from virtually the get go, with breathing, snippets of dialogue and other effects wafting through the side and rear channels. There are also a few probably unnecessary startle effects delivered with little bursts of LFE. Certain sequences, like the scene where Freddie meets up again with Sebastian at a strip club, have good general ambience that fills the surround channels realistically. Dialogue is rendered cleanly and clearly throughout this problem free track. Optional English and Spanish subtitles are available.
0 i* y- [9 p3 M3 j0 A: g9 L& A
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