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[4K极清电影] 时光大盗/时间强盗 [4K蓝光原盘] Time Bandits 1981 2160p UHD BluRaycd DoVi HDR10 HEVC LPCM 2.0-4K 80.28GB








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A young boy accidentally joins a band of time traveling dwarves as they jump from era to era looking for treasure to steal.
# ?3 Z# f6 r' m6 B9 F1 W% V0 k2 j2 H+ \, E$ w

4 B1 p% L" L& @
8 N& b- }7 y! b* p  K& r◎译  名 时光大盗/时间强盗/向上帝借时间/时间劫匪
" I2 }% Q$ W* W! z) W  p! m1 e◎片  名 Time Bandits" P, v' B0 P3 r7 K# M. O5 F0 U; q
◎年  代 1981
5 P! g1 J+ e% g" w* i* x4 r' u- ]; j◎产  地 英国
, W& c1 n1 t9 N: U8 d◎类  别 喜剧/科幻/奇幻/冒险
( {  A. v) @# z& \4 G3 x◎语  言 英语2 e. [  H( V  m
◎上映日期 1981-07-16(英国)
. d* w$ J2 R5 m2 u0 n1 {◎IMDb评分  6.9/10 from 66,739 users
, c1 e) F# x" [$ c0 b◎IMDb链接
8 Q' X7 y! E1 w) O/ v4 W◎豆瓣评分 6.8/10 from 1,766 users$ K( a: ]- l8 X! u' J% ?  S
7 v% N. Y; Y7 z◎文件格式 x265 + LPCM
' I& D4 B& b, v- Z- U  |# E& t1 Y◎视频尺寸 3840 x 2160, {8 w9 k4 d0 q
◎文件大小 1DVD 80.28 GiB
: I, Q- [% u; W. ]) A- q◎片  长 1:56:07.001 (
& Z" _% ^: R- f- r9 M5 p. }8 ^/ |# c◎导  演 特瑞·吉列姆 Terry Gilliam
/ V; C) p( U' m$ Q◎编  剧 迈克尔·帕林 Michael Palin7 \7 S( N- S% i6 I; `: G  t
       特瑞·吉列姆 Terry Gilliam0 a: g* I4 [0 |# T2 H3 u
◎主  演 约翰·克里斯 John Cleese2 p. K: v. g  p1 ]+ y9 Z
       肖恩·康纳利 Sean Connery, S% x6 o  j  u9 J4 m6 u2 N7 o
       谢莉·杜瓦尔 Shelley Duvall& J5 |5 B0 y  ^
       凯瑟琳·海蒙德 Katherine Helmond
+ C! J0 G  N6 |: s3 U  M       伊安·霍姆 Ian Holm' y$ x/ B" c# ]3 L/ D* k% _
       迈克尔·帕林 Michael Palin& p5 a2 O! a2 K* h
       拉尔夫·理查德森 Ralph Richardson
) Z( ~3 m+ w4 ^! G0 Q       皮特·沃恩 Peter Vaughan
. r, V4 {+ a% s4 |; R5 _9 d: B       大卫·沃纳 David Warner
1 `& C) G. L, e- M0 j' M% u5 m( i       大卫·拉帕波特 David Rappaport
+ z5 |; P8 W  r% o$ v1 G6 F9 c       肯尼·贝克 Kenny Baker: h/ }7 Q& j) {
       杰克·普韦思 Jack Purvis) c$ e0 m1 u# y( z: V1 q
       Craig Warnock 0 f7 V: a& J" s/ r$ v9 m1 J) d
       Sheila Fearn
$ d) [7 w. V! f3 ?5 h       吉姆·布劳德本特 Jim Broadbent
4 X* q8 e  P2 n       John Young
: C7 f* I) L7 }3 P       Myrtle Devenish ! B+ ?7 m2 O7 r" t7 s9 t
       特伦斯·贝勒 Terence Bayler1 [6 M' p# N  [5 w" v
       普雷斯顿·洛克伍德 Preston Lockwood
3 R# f$ E0 n, F$ T       查尔斯·麦肯恩 Charles McKeown
& ?1 ^4 f" B; b: \+ U0 f       大卫·利兰 David Leland
0 {8 K4 \( h. K, M' C5 e- J       德里克·奥康纳 Derrick O'Connor
3 r, X$ [' t$ J; u% F, e( {       尼尔·麦卡锡 Neil McCarthy; ?2 u" L" J* A4 ^
       Derek Deadman 3 [1 |1 L! X1 _# K, C5 |
       Jerold Wells 6 E% v3 P) g8 F, C; d7 l, h
       马可斯·包威尔 Marcus Powell3 s( f2 F, e& x2 y+ t7 X: O3 Q/ a
       托尼·杰 Tony Jay$ Q4 G: F0 m& @1 j9 s
       雷·库珀 Ray Cooper & K4 T$ O  {5 ~$ v1 s3 K7 W' C
$ e$ p( b( B' G% d# }2 K
◎简  介   * a3 M; g3 P% i" ^5 S# I

! O, i$ }% S6 l& [7 D) C  男童凯文的一家和其他普通家庭一样,在忙碌快速的现代生活中周转不停,然而某个夜里,六个由衣柜闯出来的矮人打破了凯文平静的生活,他们自称是上帝的雇工,窃取了上帝的地图可以让他们在不同的时空游走。凯文由此进入了超出想象的奇妙生活。一行人先后降临拿破仑的战场,加入了罗宾汉的队伍,矮人们瞅准任何机会偷窃不停。与此同时,黑暗城堡中的邪恶之神醉心高科技,妄图通过科技的力量取代上帝统治,他施法将凯文与矮人们分开。坠落古希腊的凯文不经意间救得英雄阿伽门农国王(肖恩·康纳利 Sean Connery 饰)的性命,感恩的英雄将凯文立为继承人,这时矮人们却匆匆赶来将凯文一步步带入了邪恶之神的陷阱…… 6 g' q  {8 B! W+ m6 N, w
' G6 ~& p. ^( J3 s2 M0 I4 k- k
  A young boy accidentally joins a band of time travelling dwarves, as they jump from era to era looking for treasure to steal.
' `+ p; [; i* M. |: W- X' P% J* T" s& H0 u
  1. DISC INFO:- |& R. @4 S- ~2 ^, M+ z
  2. 9 o$ g2 {7 O$ x8 U2 N
  3. Disc Title: Time.Bandits.1981.2160p.UHD.BluRayCD.DoVi.HDR10.HEVC.LPCM.2.0-4K
    9 k2 M1 {0 S. k
  4. Disc Size: 86,194,906,280 bytes2 Z" x% p* z) M4 n
  5. Protection: AACS2
    6 W: g; l& q* F( u
  6. Playlist: 00001.MPLS
    ) k! b/ O7 a- m" d9 p6 P
  7. Size: 85,365,504,000 bytes( o0 t4 w8 Q9 v' V
  8. Length: 1:56:07.001 ( q/ D, Q  P  O  _
  9. Total Bitrate: 98.02 Mbps4 m& \( W* z. T' C6 B
  10. Video: MPEG-H HEVC Video / 83616 kbps / 2160p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / Main 10 @ Level 5.1 @ High / 4:2:0 / 10 bits / 1000nits / HDR10 / BT.2020
      D. t% m0 L& t6 I+ O$ K6 m! W
  11. Video: * MPEG-H HEVC Video / 7594 kbps (8.33%) / 1080p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / Main 10 @ Level 5.1 @ High / 4:2:0 / 10 bits / 1000nits / Dolby Vision FEL / BT.2020/ _! q3 {% K- y) k$ Y: w" r
  12. Audio: English / LPCM Audio / 2.0 / 48 kHz / 2304 kbps / 24-bit& D: _' {# Y1 X8 _% Q$ }5 d2 L6 c
  13. Audio: English / Dolby Digital Audio / 1.0 / 48 kHz / 192 kbps
    # ^# x+ R3 a2 h5 \- N
  14. Subtitle: English / 51.506 kbps
Time Bandits 4K Blu-ray, Video Quality   
. j2 N0 E: j% e8 \8 a9 }
, Q, q: G( J0 `- U9 i( F
( p; Y+ T1 V5 c5 i3 WCriterion's release of Time Bandits is a 4K Blu-ray/Blu-ray combo pack. At the moment, I only have the 4K Blu-ray disc, which is Region-Free.
4 D  U1 i( j) i/ R
$ u$ a# v! J) C8 p4 N6 f9 FAll screencaptures that are included with this article are taken from the 4K Blu-ray disc and downscaled to 1080p. Therefore, they do not accurately reflect the quality of the 4K content on the 4K Blu-ray disc, including the actual color values of this content.
" O: V1 b3 I1 @# M3 p& j( u; P; O( A6 c" t7 s/ |& Z
Nearly a decade ago, Criterion produced this Blu-ray release of Time Bandits, which was sourced from a 2K master struck from the film's original camera negative in 2013. (In the United Kingdom, Arrow Video used the 2K master to produce this release as well). The upcoming 4K Blu-ray release/Blu-ray combo pack is sourced from a brand new 4K master that was struck from the film's original camera negative and supervised by Terry Gilliam. In native 4K, the 4K makeover can be seen with Dolby Vision and HDR grades. I chose to view it with Dolby Vision.
: k& B1 [9 c! z% f7 t2 Y( }2 v& @6 ]! \: ?$ r: T: z
I did some extensive comparisons with the previous Blu-ray release, which offered an outstanding presentation of the film. I think that the 4K makeover offers a superior presentation of the film, but primarily because the move to native 4K expands the color gamut and dynamic range of the visuals. If I had to focus strictly on delineation, clarity, depth, and even contrast and evaluate them individually, I would have to say that in many areas they are practically identical to those observed in 1080p. In native 4K, in some darker areas, delineation and depth certainly can appear superior, but the previous Blu-ray release can perform exceptionally well if upscaled to 4K. So, the point I wish to make very clear is this: in direct comparison, the superiority of the 4K presentation is revealed through a combination of small improvements that vary according to the material, and in one way or another they have something to do with the wider color gamut and dynamic range of the visuals. (I suspect that in 1080p the most noticeable improvements will be in the saturation levels of the new color grade). I think that folks with very large screens will spots improvements in two other areas as well. The 4K makeover has superior density levels and several areas with notable grain fluctuations look 'tighter' now. (The darker footage in the final segment has a few good examples). The Dolby Vision grade balances all kinds of different darker nuances beautifully and gives the visuals a very attractive cinematic quality. I do not think that this particular quality is reproduced in 1080p, but the ability of Blu-ray to do so is extremely limited. The entire film looks immaculate.. E( m( f; L8 C% ?1 n$ @- v" o8 I
/ l5 q2 x& K- X1 z7 ~
Time Bandits 4K Blu-ray, Audio Quality   , I& @( Y# x1 ]
9 g8 V7 g: h8 x. C' V$ C
! d( y, b* [2 ^/ t1 w
There is only one standard audio track on this Blu-ray release: English LPCM 2.0. Optional English SDH subtitles are provided for the main feature.) ^* }+ @! g+ Y5 }: V

* ?3 H, F/ U$ y/ w4 X' O% kIf there is something new that was done on the LPCM 2.0 track, I could not tell. On the previous Blu-ray release, there is an excellent LPCM 2.0 track that was remastered at 24-bit from the original 35mm magnetic track, and I think that this release uses it again. While viewing the film in native 4K, I could not hear anything that was different to report here.
( ~' R# q7 g- u# ]1 _, \5 A
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