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[4K极清电影] IMAX 大熊猫/熊猫们/熊猫 [4K蓝光原盘] Pandas 2018 DOCU 2160p BluRaycd HEVC DTS-HD MA 5.1-NOGRP 29.35GB








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迅雷电影 发表于 2020-9-7 20:58:54 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式
In the mountains of Sichuan, China, a researcher forms a bond with Qian Qian, a panda who is about to experience nature for the first time.
' g1 t5 d1 L+ R8 t% y2 Y0 F1 z* l4 E  t6 k
# A# o; A) h5 |8 K- I
* i, W  m  S7 W7 j- p( |/ N' N
◎译  名 大熊猫/熊猫们/熊猫+ O" |: O/ b' K2 {: D! W0 E& M& {
◎片  名 Pandas
( ^1 c/ Z# y9 b◎年  代 20188 m) ], Z8 }& ~' x1 W
◎产  地 美国+ D- c& `* `7 s+ a  h0 |
◎类  别 纪录片7 _# J  l  N" H* p
◎语  言 英语3 b: M9 A1 x4 y9 v
◎上映日期 2018-04-06(美国)/2020-07-25(上海国际电影节)% k( P5 _$ p6 }, o4 ~( b; L
◎IMDb评分  7.4/10 from 488 users' N, O, \7 r  L) H* I& |1 @  g
◎IMDb链接 m6 U* R$ C, N
◎豆瓣评分 7.8/10 from 228 users0 f4 U: J/ ~# |  H! y3 _
% p. t/ K6 W: ]& G! I% c6 J" @◎文件格式 x265 + DTS : I- p: N* B1 @4 M( I" a& M
◎视频尺寸 3840 x 2160# K# A: ^' C3 Q3 A  ~. G
◎文件大小 1DVD 29.35 GiB4 \/ y6 g$ Y* _& m" _
◎片  长 0:42:17.660 ( I2 }+ ~' j# `/ ]  I
◎导  演 David Douglas
( B- \4 k& f" y! ]5 ?! Q2 Y       德鲁·菲尔曼 Drew Fellman
0 S1 g; u( K3 U4 y( C0 X+ n◎编  剧 德鲁·菲尔曼 Drew Fellman5 @$ G3 x0 g/ U0 q% ]5 @& `1 R
◎主  演 克里斯汀·贝尔 Kristen Bell
2 x3 I& F8 r2 j5 e7 u: G* p1 I       李冰冰 Bingbing Li
6 G# p7 o% N. {% @       Wen Lei Bi4 {; z- W8 G6 Q
       Rong Hou0 k5 [  r9 G1 c! t. y' _" p2 Q
       Jacob Owens
9 I, z- M' C4 A: f* E% c! g
: A. ^. t9 ?: E- a- G7 a" [: W. a! M◎标  签 纪录片 | 大熊猫 | 熊猫 | 美国 | 自然纪录片 | 动物 | IMAX | 2018
7 |! N, g1 t# Q' ~* T2 i) M7 |* G# i8 D2 T7 }' k
◎简  介  
# I; E- X* {3 V) L5 n7 ?% J1 B
3 ]9 ?) ]% r0 [' k  IMAX打造的原创纪录片* j" e5 X. j$ M) `6 R% K. r9 g
/ a, M2 m  `) C" R+ O  该片聚焦一位充满热情的研究人员,她开发了一项新技术,灵感来自于美国新罕布什尔州农村的黑熊计划。一名美国生物学家跨国而来,一名来自内蒙的科学家,以及一名圈养出生、非常有好奇心的雌性熊猫幼崽“倩倩”,展开跨国合作,踏上了改变熊猫生/人生的旅程。
" Z3 `; k0 e9 K& [- v  该片以IMAX摄像机拍摄,全程捕捉倩倩的刺激新旅程,她将踏出保护栖息地,进入四川山区,发现动物的本性,即使会面临前途未知的挑战。
8 k! @! [7 P# o0 a  Z9 K2 k  大卫·道格拉斯&德鲁·费尔曼(《天生狂野》《马达加斯加:狐猴之岛》)执导,费尔曼编写剧本并制片,道格拉斯同时担任摄影指导,Donald Kushner、Steve Ransohoff制片,Li Gen Xiong&Elie Samaha执行制片, Neal Allen担任线上制片人。
- b3 w: M8 c7 T  该片分级为G,将于2018年4月6日起登陆北美特定IMAX和IMAX3D影院。
$ g$ s' J9 y# J- R# j# v& n
. a. v- l& @: a  At Chengdu Panda Base in China, scientists are dedicated to protecting the species by breeding adult Giant Pandas in order to introduce cubs into the wild. This film follows one such researcher, whose passion leads her to initiate a new technique inspired by a black bear program in rural New Hampshire. What starts as a cross-culture collaboration becomes a life-changing journey for an American biologist who crosses an ocean to join her; a scientist from Inner Mongolia; and a very curious female cub named Qian Qian, born in captivity.- }& X9 L6 k8 F
. W, A( z" d, y, }1 r. [% v: {7 M
  1. DISC INFO:8 z" [) `% J8 f( f/ B; Y3 w) D& A
  2. ; ^2 l* d* N& f& j  K5 [
  3. Disc Title:     Pandas.2018.DOCU.2160p.BluRayCD.HEVC.DTS-HD.MA.5.1-NOGRP6 t- U' M' c/ m: Y$ }/ S! j
  4. Disc Size:      31,518,982,742 bytes' x8 ^2 m& o$ d4 ?" @  B
  5. Protection:     AACS2  ]& H, N0 l1 W8 B% p0 E8 g
  6. Extras:         Ultra HD, BD-Java
    1 H0 J9 I! |4 f8 n9 N$ Z. u; G
  7. BDInfo: (compatible layout created by DVDFab
    4 J4 a+ B, o7 Y; n* K2 j! ~

  8. * D  d0 P. }) u. ?
      R$ h% I( I4 Q
  10. 7 l* P1 H% n/ [: @9 C; p
  11. Name:                   00800.MPLS  ! D/ ]/ D' t7 a( M( z% M
  12. Length:                 0:42:17.660 (
    & e/ T& K; \" c8 Z, V
  13. Size:                   30,850,572,288 bytes
    ' _) G6 {5 D# ]
  14. Total Bitrate:          97.26 Mbps
    - y3 w& s/ e7 B+ c2 J0 W

  15. 9 ^% O/ T2 t3 P! {$ G
  16. Video:
    6 _& I! f) c: ~2 j, u" E. O+ \& s: H
  17. ) \0 A9 O( @. G
  18. Codec                   Bitrate             Description    2 D) p) F, I6 \
  19. -----                   -------             -----------      o3 m7 @5 Z: A  j) H3 n
  20. MPEG-H HEVC Video       87564 kbps          2160p / 23.976 fps / 16:9 / Main 10 @ Level 5.1 @ High / 4:2:0 / 10 bits / 1000nits / HDR10 / BT.2020
    2 {/ R' ^: f0 M. Z

  21. . @/ E" r  s9 ]) E7 N) S: r# w
  22. AUDIO:  [2 h" y" a$ B& ~9 Q
  23. ! |* f1 q9 U, c
  24. Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description      n0 s0 ]' m) V. k9 d' g
  25. -----                           --------        -------         -----------   
    9 O% z5 n: ^2 v4 U  \
  26. DTS-HD Master Audio             English         3881 kbps       5.1 / 48 kHz / 3881 kbps / 24-bit (DTS Core: 5.1 / 48 kHz / 1509 kbps / 24-bit)
    - T9 h. V3 ?0 X  B" {
  27. Dolby Digital Audio             French          640 kbps        5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps3 Q% x5 W- f( j9 s2 O$ W4 w
  28. Dolby Digital Audio             Spanish         640 kbps        5.1 / 48 kHz / 640 kbps2 B" x, C$ S/ V9 `
  29. % F* Q  v5 A7 I2 ]& V% g) H
  30. SUBTITLES:- l+ J- x0 U3 s0 ~( G8 ?
  31. 9 w" m9 ^0 E) n/ F1 m, _+ S5 j
  32. Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description    1 U4 Z" V; \  M6 g3 b) b: q& w. ]
  33. -----                           --------        -------         -----------    $ b# d6 \3 s- j$ C8 L+ Q, r, j
  34. Presentation Graphics           English         26.39 kbps                      / d6 b, I' v! ~. r' ^" |9 ^0 k
  35. Presentation Graphics           French          24.67 kbps                      : T6 |& g0 y7 }" C$ V
  36. Presentation Graphics           Spanish         24.093 kbps
Pandas 4K Blu-ray, Video Quality   
$ {8 N) Q& `! D2 c8 ?
( h7 i; M' g8 K& w
6 N* Z- e! B% e8 W0 n- {The included screenshots are sourced from the 1080p Blu-ray disc.
$ j/ l# o9 {* r" a
, w& ?+ o; U3 ^, d$ N" ?Pandas is included on both Blu-ray and UHD in this two-disc set, and there is no standalone Blu-ray release: want one, buy both; want both, get both. The Blu-ray is crisp and sharp. It enjoys an abundance of clarity and high end detail, offering both intimate panda fur textures and sprawling natural wilderness with striking screen command and authenticity. The lush, stunning IMAX photography and full-screen aspect ratio largely yet intimately pull the viewer into the natural wonders of both China and New Hampshire and up close and personal with the pandas and bears, from their early months on through several years of development. Colors are bold, particularly barrages of natural greenery and some of that world-famous New England foliage seen in a few scenes. Human clothes, including several blue scientific uniforms, offer positive color depth and saturation. Skin tones appear true, bear fur is organically colorful, and black levels are pleasantly deep. The image does suffer through some noise, which is ever-present and increases in density and visibility at several junctures. The image is otherwise very pleasing and capable at the 1080p resolution.% l+ ?* r) _% I( E0 {

3 E: R  _3 y- t; FThe UHD image is better, unsurprisingly, than the Blu-ray. Its superiority in all areas of concern is evident right out of the gate. The white title letters are noticeably more bold and bright than they are on the Blu-ray, finding a luminance and intensity that is far more agreeable than the comparatively creamy colored whites on the 1080p/SDR image; it's a fine example of the brighter and wider color gamut available under the HDR spectrum. That extends to panda bears, too, and it's particularly critical in those areas where white and black fur meet and the odd white hair that stands apart from the black, the former appearing much more crisp and the latter much more stable and dark. Indeed, all colors pop under the HDR spectrum. Greens are more effectively accurate and those blue scientific suits spring to life with a vibrancy beyond what the Blu-ray can offer. There's a general increase in brightness across the board too, almost a glossiness to some shots, but the color presentation is supremely crisp and accurate from start to finish. Natural wilderness details enjoy more stable footing. Clarity is increased on various terrains while foliage and trees appear more organically sharp. Furs enjoy improved crispness, too, and the image's overall feel for heightened sharpness is evident in practically every shot, from dense cityscapes to intimate and cozy wilderness locales. The UHD doesn't blow the Blu-ray away, but it's a solid improvement that is certainly the version to choose.
2 E& Y( V; U9 e3 I% B7 A' u& C- f9 H; d: q" A9 m3 Q& a  x
Pandas 4K Blu-ray, Audio Quality   
% J) p. V4 B0 @8 j  B. j: o4 X; g5 o. D0 q

. ]6 @$ q0 k; ]4 G8 O$ [$ a- ]2 PPandas' DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack, the primary soundtrack for both the Blu-ray and the UHD presentation, capably carries the material, though it's not quite as dramatically large and sonically engaging as many other IMAX soundtracks. Music is well defined, with good front side spacing but not much surround usage. A couple of popular songs zip out of the speakers with impressive verve and detailing to both instruments and lyrics. Score is likewise well balanced and sonically fruitful. There's not a prodigious amount of engagement into the back channels here but at least clarity and width are positives. The track folds in some wonderful natural ambience in New Hampshire -- buzzing insects, singing birds, rustling leaves -- as well as in bustling Chinese streets and wooded locations. Dialogue is clear, though some of the in-film exchanges are a little low. Kristin Bell's narration is center focused, well prioritized, and effortlessly detailed. The track could stand some added stage presence and oomph, and a larger channel landscape would benefit it greatly, but within the 5.1 constraints it's not a terrible listen by any means.
4 l& V) _* Y0 ?/ q
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4 v6 l. D. v3 _# M) X4 movie updates really fast, also did not release issued, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I believed!








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